What We Offer

Network Integrator

CSI as a System Integrator brings a number of devices to the appropriate network infrastructure, fast, reliable and effective. This allows customers to develop their network of simple connectivity today for full convergence in the future, provide collaboration among employees, partners, customers, and suppliers wherever and whenever needed. Technologies and solutions available today include:

Enterprise Network

  • Building LAN and WAN for Corporate Company or SMB
  • Building Network for Data Center and DRC environment
  • Multimedia Application
  • MIP enabled solution
  • Mobility Solution
  • Enterprise Security Solution
  • Cabling System for Wired or Optical Infrastructure

Carrier Class Network

  • Building MPLS Networks
  • Building Optical Netwoks(CWDM.MAN.Metro Ethernet)
  • ADSL and Cable Operator Solution
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Network Security Solution

Network Security Solutions

As a company that embraces vendor neutral, we partner with major vendors in the IT Security sector, and gives us the ability to develop and implement security measures in accordance with the customer's business needs.

We provide IT Security Services as follows:

  • Virtual Private Network Solution
  • Remote Access Solution
  • Virus Protection and Alert
  • Data Encryption
  • Bandwidth Management & Compression
  • Perimeter Deployment and Management
  • Security Policy Design and Enforcement
  • Security Auditing
  • Intrusion Detection Prevention
  • Wireless Security and Access Control for WLAN, Hotspot and WiMax
  • Single Sign On Solution based on customer application and database

IT Services

IT services currently has a customer needs due to the complexity of IT trends make it difficult to implement enterprise or manage it. To bridge this gap, CSI provides solutions IT Services for small, medium to large companies. Starting from project implementation and maintenance of up to turn-key solution.

Services IT Services we provide include:

  • Netwoks Auditing
  • Application Auditing
  • Security Auditing
  • Networks Implementation
  • Corporate Maintenance
  • Application Service provider
  • Helpdesk Support
IT Services
Procurement of IT Products

Procurement of IT Products

Completing the solutions we have, CSI also provides procurement services products.

IT through purchase or leasing schemes, such as:

  • Networking Peripheral
  • PC Servers
  • Workstations and Notebooks
  • CCTV cameras
  • Video Conference
  • Storage
  • and others.

Operational Support System (OSS)

OSS Architecture defines the policies, procedures, standards and systems necessary to allocate costs for components and support infrastructure. Emphasis on facilitating the rapid deployment of shared resources while maximizing the benefits of the power of funding and types of services.

Network Security Solution
IT Services

Systems Management

Management system architecture defines how the hardware and software infrastructure components will be monitored and controlled. Management System covering automation and control of the platform and related resources, networks and applications, and the coordination and control of work flowing through the system infrastructure. System focuses on issues of configuration management, event log, fault detection and isolation, performance measurement, and problems reporting.

Document Management System

Document Management System manages the lifecycle, distribution and use of information across the organization, from capture through to archiving and disposition.

Fueled by content services platforms and applications, the best DMS software allows organizations to integrate the enterprise processes that produce information with a central content management platform, improving information access, bridging isolated process siloes and ensuring governance is applied, wherever and however content is created.

Document Management System

Intelligent Capture

Intelligent capture automates content ingestion, speeding up the routing of information to the right users and system in the organization. It provides an entry point for intelligent process automation (IPA) by removing unnecessary steps from users. Combining standard capture features, such as optical character recognition (OCR), with powerful machine learning, capture extracts information from content and automatically routes it to the right user and right lead system.

Document Management System
Document Management System

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) delivers and supports a variety of process-driven applications that address complex business needs, while simultaneously providing a flexible platform for rapidly building and deploying customer-centric applications. It is often used to automate processes as part of wider digital transformation initiatives.